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October 23 -- 4:44 AM

My hand isn't used to writing, so every time I grade papers, I need to take breaks every few papers. So my house gets really clean. So far this morning (since starting grading @ 4), I've made the bed, loaded the washing machine, cleared the bedroom floor, folded a load of linens, put them away, and spent a few minutes in deep contemplation of what I might want to stencil in the hallway. It's all about giving my hand a rest, really. Couldn't possibly be a procrastination technique…

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October 22 -- 1:09 PM

It is tricky modeling infant hand knits when you have no actual infant on hand. I am not sure either Paddington or the doll quite convey how adorable I hope this owlie sleep sack and hat will look on its intended recipient. Let's just hope that it a) still fits when it arrives to her, and b) that the parents have a moment's breathing space to snap some adorable pics. If not, ah well -- we can just use our imaginations. :-)

Free pattern for Owlie sleep sack and matching hat by Teresa Cole

Yarn (less than a skein): Blue Moon sock yarn, heavyweight, color Spinel

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October 22 -- 12:32 PM

Plan for the day included attending a fascinating-sounding colloquium by Ronak Kapadia -- a plan totally derailed by Kavya's 8:15 eye doctor appt. lasting 'til 11:45. Sigh. I just dropped her at school and came home, to eat something and breathe for a moment, before turning around to go back to her school for the 2 p.m. conference with her teacher. (Nothing serious, just the standard fall conference.)

And then swing by optician, let her pick out glasses for new prescription (Kavi's right-eye astigmatism has gotten slightly worse in the last year, it seems), and then bring her home to enjoy her consolatory cupcake (she did *not* enjoy the stinging drops in her eyes) while I bend over a stack of grading for the rest of the day; I promised one class their papers back by tomorrow.

Heh -- I mistyped grading and autocorrect changed it to gardening. I have changed it back. I WISH, autocorrect. I wish. Also on the docket for today, prepping tomorrow's class on Uncle Tom's Cabin. That should be…interesting.

Kevin leaves today for ten days on the East Coast doing sabbatical-like stuff. Let's all take a moment to hope the children are kind to me. On the plus side, Jed is arriving Sunday for a week-long visit, so I'm only solo parenting for a few days. Hooray for poly. :-)

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October 21 -- 9:30 PM

I have finally figured out why so many grandmas knit so many baby thingies. It's not because the babies are cute (though they undoubtedly are). It's not because the items themselves are cute (though generally ditto). It's because they are FAST. Talk about instant gratification! This particular item, I cast on four days ago, and now it's finished and blocking, cables and all. I mean, that's just nuts. That means I could easily knit, oh, 52 baby items a year, and still have a hundred or so knitting-free days. Though why you'd want knitting-free days, I don't know. Baby things. Who knew?

(Yes, I know, basically everyone knew this, because it is completely obvious, even to those who have never picked up a needle in their life. Hush.)

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October 20 -- 1:14 PM

My contributor copies of Chicks Dig Gaming have arrived! Ironic timing for this book's release, considering ‪#‎gamer gate‬.

"I am twelve years old in 1983, playing Wizardry obsessively on my first computer, a Mac IIe, I think. In my faded memory, there are minimal graphics – I think the game was in color, but I can’t swear to it. I am alone in my room for hours, taking comfort in this game. Frustrated with my immigrant parents, whose priorities are so different from my own. I have read countless books, but sometimes, those stories only arouse longings they cannot satisfy. Wizardry offers a dungeon to explore, gold and weapons to accumulate, monsters to slay. A sequence of small, measurable tasks, that can be accomplished and celebrated. A refuge…"

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