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December 17 -- 7:49 AM

Plan for today: drive Kavi to school (instead of bus) because everyone needed more sleep, put away a load of laundry, catch up on Jaggery e-mail, sort photos and order photo album for grandparents, bake shortbread, wrap and mail gifts for sisters, and write -- ideally about 3000 words.

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December 16 -- 6:54 PM

Grades are in. I'm a little behind on the writing-an-hour-a-day, but it's okay -- tomorrow is a writing day, so I should be able to catch up then. I'm trying to really lower my expectations for what I can get done over break, but mostly, my goals are to a) write an hour a day, and b) help everyone here enjoy a nice holiday. Ratcheting down expectations for the next month. It's a good thing. :-)

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December 15 -- 5:09 PM

Illinois Arts Council grant application done. I don't think I'll get it; then again, I never think I'll get it, but once, I did. So I keep applying. I should apply for more grants. Need to make a list. Shout-out to the program for making the application process even easier this year -- it remembers you, and you can copy over each section from the previous year's application (and edit them then). Big time-saver, and much appreciated!

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December 14 -- 10:50 AM

It's very peaceful in my house just now. Kevin was having a colleague meet him for collaborative work, so I had the kids pick up the first floor and then banished them up to the playroom. And then he and said colleague decided to meet, at least initially, at a coffeehouse instead. So the morning is left quiet -- just me and my dog. Elinor likes it when she doesn't have to fight anyone for her favorite spot on the couch.

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December 13 -- 10:08 PM

This is a story about hose and hosts, stars and angels. See, last year, I found these awesome black hose patterned with gold stars. But then I never wore them, because I had nothing to wear them with. But then this year, I found a black dress patterned with gold stars. And I was so happy. And then I took Kat to my neighbor's Christmas party, which they host in their splendidly-decorated house, and took a photo with a host of angels behind her. And then she took a photo of me, head to toe, so you could appreciate the full effect of dress and hose. That's the whole story -- there's not a lot of conflict in it, but at least it's chock full of symbolism.

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